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Online Karate Beginners Course

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ooou:.Online Karate Beginners Course

This is a six week course running every Monday, starting Monday 1st Feb 2021

  • Juniors up to 10 years old 1800-1840 hours.
  • Over 10’s and adults 1850- 1930 hours.

We will cover the basic techniques and blocks needed to be able to join most Shotokan Karate clubs, once lockdown is lifted.

Once this course is complete you will also be able to join our regular zoom sessions, of which we are currently running 3 per week.

Rules for Zoom

Please join the pre lobby 5 minutes before the class starts i.e for juniors 1755 hrs and adults 1845 hrs.

Once you have been accepted into the lobby please mute yourself and remain muted for the duration of the class. This is to ensure that the instructor can remain as the speaker, and therefore will be on all recipients screens.

Please ensure the students name is the name of the user. This is to ensure that any feedback can be directed towards the student.

The class will consist of a warm up, some basic karate techniques and then some karate conditioning.

Please ensure your surrounding area is clear.

Any questions or issues please contact Jay Hawkes on 07904 010283 via text or send or an email to jay@chireikai.com

Instructors for this course will be:

Jay Hawkes Sensei and Mary Egginton Sensei

 Course dates:


Cost £30
Please note that payment is for a place and enrolment onto this course and is non refundable.

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