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G&T Training Services

We are very privileged to be working in conjunction within our community with some great people. Our sponsor for 2019 in Kingsbridge is G&T Training services. Gavin Abbot is the proprietor and is more than happy to attach his companies name to Chi Rei Kai Karate in Kingsbridge. G&T Training Services provide Plant training and are working all over the Country. They sponsor our Squad and our Kingsbridge, Stokenham, East Allington and Malborough Dojos.

“It’s great that I have the chance to help people in the local community. I believe that Karate training is really beneficial to develop the character of those who partake. To assist with an activity that keeps you fit and healthy is a real bonus for me. Chi Rei Kai are really professional about the way they do things, I like that and really happy to endorse them with Sponsorship for 2019”

– Gavin Abbot of G&T Training Services.

We are grateful as this means that Dojo and competition opportunities will present for those that are interested in the development of their Karate.

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