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Ash Hawkes

6th Dan Instructor

 I’m Ash Hawkes and I’ve been studying Karate since 1975. Karate is my passion and has saved my life in so many ways on so many occasions. It keeps me fit physically and mentally, I think of it as a tool box, it has many applications. I feel the struggle of Students as I try and get them to find their way. I love it when they learn a new Kata or technique. To see the spark as the Student realises how to make their body move correctly. It’s great to see their bodies change due to the training and they tell me how Karate has helped, both Mentally and Physically.

It’s a privilege to share Karate, all together in the Dojo, supporting each other, it’s like belonging to one big Family. In the 90s I competed for the JKA UK (Asai faction) both here in the UK and overseas. I took home some Medals too at that time. In 2018 under the scrutiny of a Public audience, I took and passed a physical test for 6th Dan under 9th Dan Don Owens Sensei of the WJKA, I never thought I would get that far and I intend to carry on further. I hope to be training and teaching for many years to come.

I believe that Karate is for everyone regardless of Age or ability. My approach to teaching is to share my experience and knowledge. I like to lead by example and I am a very principled person. I believe that things should be done properly and no shortcuts. As a Student of Karate I believe that you are an ambassador of the art. However I realise that perfection does not exist, all I ask is that Students try.

Another Milestone was to be accepted into the Fellowship of the International Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Shihankai. More information can be found at

I am very proud of all of the Instructors and Students of Chi Rei Kai, they have all achieved so much in their Karate.

Ash Hawkes 1998, Representing the JKA UK
International JKA Shotokan Karate Tournament – Holland

Ash Hawkes 1998, representing the JKA UK
British Open International Shotokan Karate Tournament

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