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Sally Hawkes

3rd Dan Instructor
As someone who doesn’t find Karate easy (and I shouldn’t I know) I really appreciate how difficult it can be. Having said that I also now know that it’s not about being the same as anyone else. Yes there’s a syllabus that we work to with certain things to learn but each Student does things to their own ability. I’ve spent a lot of years trying to be like someone else, now I realise different. Having said that and after 25 years of training and teaching I am more settled in my Karate, because it is ‘my’ Karate. I do things to my own ability and with my own flare of personality.

When I teach I try and get this across and break those barriers that prevent people from progressing. In 2019 in front of a public audience I tested for Sandan (3rd degree Black belt) I was very proud to pass and put my experience to the task. Through thick and thin I will continue to do what Karate demands, to push and nurture Students trying my best to be a better version of myself. All I can ask of any Student is to keep trying and never quit.

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