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Charlotte Hawkes

1st Dan Instructor

My name is Charlotte and I started karate ten years ago after meeting Jay Sensei. I had been to the dojo a couple of times to watch him teach and one evening my now mother in law Sall Sensei produced a tracksuit and insisted that I gave the class a go. Having seen the etiquette and respect shown in the class I was too scared to say no in case I offended anyone. I joined in the session and I really enjoyed it and the rest they say is History! Karate soon became my way of life and in 2014 I achieved my Shodan.

In 2015 I had my daughter and in 2017 my son arrived and since becoming a parent my time in the dojo is less than it was. However becoming a parent has helped my with ideas and concepts to aid teaching our junior students. I teach weekly and train as often as I am able to around our busy family. I am not a natural karateka but I love to teach juniors and students who are beginning their journey in karate do. I enjoy seeing my students learn and have fun and flourish. My experience has shown me that karate can be for everyone. You just have to give it a go !

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