These are unprecedented times, we’ve heard that a few times this year! It is true though and at times like these we need to think of others. We need to think of others all the time anyway, not just during a Pandemic. It’s the Karate way. All the restrictions in place are there to help stop the spread of the Virus and protect the NHS together with other front line services. You personally may be ok but you may affect someone else or require access to the already stretched Emergency Services. But you’ve no doubt heard all this from other media sources.

We are grateful for our members loyalty during this very difficult time and therefore we are offering through Private media means and to only our Chi Rei Kai Members, online Karate resources and one to one Video Consultation. This is being received very well indeed and enables the progress of their development through a designated Instructor.

Being a Student of Karate means so much more than learning physical movement. It’s an attitude it’s a demeanor, it’s being a certain way, it’s a discipline. It’s also a very tall order !

At Chi Rei Kai Karate we have decided to apply our Karate ‘way’ to raising some funds to help front line services in this current Pandemic. It’s about getting involved in a good way and doing something positive.

The Chi Rei Kai Senior Instructing Team and I have been thinking long and hard about a way to help raise some funds for our emergency services during this Pandemic. We have decided that on Monday 25th May 2020 at Midday we will be streaming Live from some of our Chi Rei Kai Facebook pages to complete 2020 standing punches (Choku Zuki ) for the emergency services.

The three services we are donating to, to help fund much needed PPE for frontline workers are;

We have set up a just giving page and we encourage everyone to have a go. To participate in this all you need to do is donate £5 and spread the word. Share the just giving page, tag your fiends and try to get others involved. It does not matter if they do not do karate ( or your family members ) you can show them and they can have a go. Please get involved.

Here is a link for the just giving page:-
Please click here

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